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DAY: The Deplatforming Of Conservative Views Continues At A Fast Pace

Apr 26, 2023
I can’t even believe I am typing this. The radical Left has found another way to try to silence conservatives. As someone who makes a living off of AM talk radio, this hits home and is personal to me. When the war of ideas is being lost, they just immediately move to cancel the winners. That is the motto for the woke mentally weak left mob. After all, just listen to AOC…

DAY: Let’s Export Our Criminals To Cities Who Love Them

Mar 22, 2023
With the bizarre recent news that woke radical Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg is planning to indict former president Donald Trump for activity which has repeatedly been confirmed not to be a crime, red states like Louisiana have an opportunity for an effective response. Bragg is, after all, a George Soros-funded Hard Left radical who, while he’s attempting to criminalize political disagreement with his partisan worldview, spends most of his time downgrading charges against violent criminals when he’s not prosecuting people like Jose Alba, the bodega worker who killed a criminal who was attacking him.

DAY: The Era Of Big Government Needs To Be Over, Again

Feb 23, 2023
Remember when Bill Clinton famously said “the era of Big Government is over?” It seems so long ago, because it was. That was the 1996 State of the Union address – 27 years ago. And Clinton was lying, of course, because government is bigger than ever and it’s not even slowing down in its growth. What does this title even mean? According to, big government is defined as government that is perceived as excessively interventionist and intruding into all aspects of the lives of its citizens.